New Path Forward (NPF) is devoted to helping motivated Aboriginal young women 17-years and older, transition from life in the care of Child and Family Services to adult independence.

The young women referred to our program have often experienced childhood trauma and a life of turmoil, putting them at risk of further harm. We believe their survival demonstrates remarkable strength. We build on this strength in a way that encourages our participants to believe that they are capable and deserving of having successful futures as contributing members of our community.

Through a comprehensive three-stage process, we guide and prepare the young women in our program with attention to all the components necessary to achieve independence.

From exploring their cultural heritage, spirituality and individual strengths to creating and maintaining a safe home and preparing for employment, participants at New Path Forward benefit from our holistic approach.

It’s not just about finding an apartment
Our experience as care providers of adolescents in the child welfare system, led us to realize that there are a number of service gaps when it comes to independent living preparation. Many programs have a one-size-fits all approach that doesn’t meet the individualized needs of the participants. We’ve designed NPF to be flexible and responsive to the specific needs of each participant. That, along with our committed, trained staff team, sets our program apart from others.