New Path Forward guides young women towards independence by helping them through three stages:


During the first stage, young women in our program receive extensive support and guidance to gain the skills and experiences they’ll need to live independently. Two participants live together as roommates in a townhouse setting. A support team member is on site to assist them as needed.

We also explore employment interests in this stage. We provide coaching and skills building in preparation for on-the-job training through our paid work practicum program. We also support any educational goals a participant may have.


In the second stage of our program, young women begin to take on more responsibilities and tasks according to the strengths and skills they’ve gained in the first stage with a reduction in support hours as appropriate.

We access one of our available work practicums for paid on-the-job training according to the abilities and interests of the participant.


In the final stage, our participants move into their own homes and have the full responsibility of living independently while still having access to support and assistance for up to three months.

We aim for the participant to be stably employed with the skills to seek other workplace opportunities in the future.

Hands on support and guidance in each stage progressively develops life skills in the following areas:

• Goal Setting
• Problem Solving
• Stress & Anger Management
• Recognized Employment Aptitude Testing
• Job Interviewing
• Budgeting
• Cooking & Nutrition
• Health & Wellness
• Lifestyle
• Relationships
• Self-Esteem & Self-Care
• Housing & Home Maintenance
• Technology Use
• Physical Care & Appearance
• Culture & Spirituality

Participants also have access to psychological and/or culturally specific counseling and support. For information on more optional components of the program visit our NPF Experience page.